The One Book I Would Never Part With

Do any of you have that one book that, come hell or high water, you just simply would not be separated from it?  I know you’re saying, “Please, I have to pick only one?!”

But I know you have one.  Yes, one book.  Parting would be out of the question.  You would fight for this book.

For me, it is a book I have had for a number of years.  I keep it on my bedside table always.  I lovingly make sure no dust accumulates.

So what book is it that has captivated, enraptured me so?

It is “The Girl Who Played Go” by Shan Sa.  I have read it probably five times and I cannot get over how I get such utter enjoyment when I read it.  It’s mysterious, lyrical, haunting, poignant, and brilliant.

You can read a review here and I urge you to read it.  You will thank me…I promise.

Now please tell me the book you would never part with.  I’m all ears!


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One response to “The One Book I Would Never Part With

  1. txtmstrjoe


    I don’t think I can whittle it down to just one book.

    A Hero With A Thousand Faces makes my list, as well as one or two books about Alain Prost’s life and career in Formula One. Then there’s Bob Bondurant’s treatise on high performance driving and Skip Barber’s similar text…

    Can’t do it.

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