A Cautionary Tale

Are there any fans of Margaret Atwood out there?  Have you read “Genesis” by Beckett?  What a shocker!

The novel takes us into the oral examination of young Anaximander, a girl who desperately wants to join the elite Academy.  She chooses as her specialty Adam Forde.  For four hours, a panel grills her on what she knows (and does not).

The thing is…

(spoilers ahead)

Anaximander is a robot!  She is a creature of artificial intelligence who thinks she’s human.  All the robots do.  They all have the bodies of robots and the heads of orangutans.  It’s bizarre but so interesting.

This book is thought-provoking because it reads like a cautionary tale.  With all of our technology, wars, diseases, famines, and problems we face today, will we wipe ourselves off the face of the earth?  Will artificial intelligence be all that we leave behind?


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