Hypnotic and mysterious

Ever since I took A.P. United Stated History in high school, the Salem witch trials have fascinated me.   I had high expectations for Brunonia Barry’s “The Lace Reader,” and she did not disappoint.

I do want to issue a warning when you pick up this book and start reading it.  Pay special attention to the beginning.  It is VERY important.  You see, things are not what they seem in this novel.  The reader must sift through the pieces and decide what is real and what is not.  But that’s what makes this so much fun!

The narrator is Towner Whitney; however, that is not her real name.  See what I mean?  Towner cannot be trusted.  She comes from a long line of women who can read the past, present, and future in lace.  The story is set in Salem, Massachusetts.  The setting is ideal because you have all that witchcraft lore no other town in America has.

All in all, I was quite pleased.  Now I have to read “Heretic” that has been in my TBR (to be read) pile for ages.  It’s also about Salem.


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