You Should Attend #ClubRead–A Blog Post

In today’s world, we have the chance to be closer than ever to our favorite authors. We can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. We can send them direct messages should we be so lucky that they follow us in return. We can reply to their tweets and develop relationships with them through social media. We can also attend book signings and meet them in person, gushing over how much we loved their novels. We can take their pictures and hang the photos on our walls, bragging to friends who we’ve met.
During #ClubRead’s event October 15-16, you can do a whole lot more, though. It’s definitely worth attending.
This very special weekend will be held at Mariner’s Landing Resort and Conference Center in Huddleston, Virginia. “For 24 hours, you’ll dine, socialize, learn, chat, laugh, and make friends with a dozen of the finest book-club writing authors. Attend this non-stop readers feast of authors and share your enthusiasm as a reader and fan.”
The cost is $500, but that is nothing compared to the experience of a lifetime.

Please think about being a part of this great #ClubRead weekend!

Look at all the people scheduled to attend.

Adriana Trigiani
At her website:
On Facebook:
On Twitter:
Excerpt from Don’t Sing at the Table
Adriana Discusses Brava, Valentine on Book Club Girl On Air
Amy de la Cruz-Munoz
Amy Stolls
At her website:
On Facebook:
Excerpt from The Ninth Wife
Reading guide for The Ninth Wife
Amy Stolls Discusses The Ninth Wife on Book Club Girl On Air
Barbara Hartt
On Facebook
Book Club
Barbara Hinton
On Facebook
Book Club
Bethanne Patrick
On Facebook
On Twitter:!/thebookmaven
Caroline Todd
Visit their website:
On Facebook: Charles Todd
Dawn Gates
On Facebook

Dolen Perkins-Valdez
At her website:
On Facebook
On Twitter:
Excerpt from Wench
Reading group guide for Wench
Donna Brand
On Facebook
On Twitter:
Doreen Killard
On Facebook

Doris Sanders
Greg Olear
At his websites:;
On Facebook
On Twitter:
Gretchen Rubin
On her Website:
At The Happiness Project Blog:
On Facebook
On Twitter: @GretchenRubin
Excerpt from The Happiness Project
Reading group guide for The Happiness Project
The Happiness Project Toolbox
Gretchen’s YouTube Channel
Heather Newton
On her website:
On Facebook
Excerpt from Under the Mercy Trees
Reading group guide for Under the Mercy Trees
Heather Newton Discusses Under the Mercy Trees on Book Club Girl On Air
Janis Warren
Jayme Gruden
Jennifer Hart
On Facebook
On Twitter:!/bookclubgirl
On her blog:
Jessica Anya Blau
At her website:
On Facebook
On Twitter: @JessicaAnyaBlau
Excerpt from Drinking Closer to Home:
Reading group guide for Drinking Closer to Home
Listen to Jessica discuss Drinking Closer to Home on Book Club Girl On Air
Joyce Maynard
At her website:
On Facebook
On Twitter:
Excerpt from The Good Daughters
Reading guide for The Good Daughters:
Watch Joyce Maynard Discusses The Good Daughters:
Joyce Maynard Discusses Labor Day on Book Club Girl On Air
Kathy Roberts
On Facebook
On Twitter:!/bermudaonion
At her blog:
Lori O’Neill
On Facebook

Matthew Norman
At his blog:
On Twitter:!/thenormannation
On Facebook
Michele Dichter
On Facebook

Nancy White
On Facebook
Book Club
Nola Armstrong
On Facebook
On Twitter:!/NolaArmstrong
Book Club
Pam Coffey
Rebecca Joines Schinsky
On Facebook
On Twitter:!/bookladysblog
At her blog:
Robin Krall
On Facebook
On Twitter:!/robinkall
At her show:
Sara Braverman
Sena Jeter Naslund
On her blog:
Excerpt of Adam & Eve
Reading guide for Adam & Eve
Watch Sena Jeter Naslund Discuss Adam & Eve:
Susan Henderson
At her website:
On Twitter: @LitPark
Read an excerpt of Up from the Blue
Check out the Reading group guide for Up from the Blue
Watch the book trailer for Up from the Blue
Susan Henderson Discusses Up from the Blue on Book Club Girl On Air
On Facebook
Susan Purcell
Susan Wallach
On Facebook



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2 responses to “You Should Attend #ClubRead–A Blog Post

  1. Wish I had $500 to spend on this.

    Thanks for the info! Sounds great1

  2. Your book club sounds like fun. Wish London was not so far away.

    You might be interested to know about my new book Dark Waters – Chronicle of a Story Untold. It’s true and set in 80s London

    For details, look here #

    Get in touch – in Cyberspace, we’re all next door!

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