Bookmagnet’s First Book Giveaway!

Today is a special day. It is the launch of my first book giveaway. Before we get to it, I would like to first say that to win today’s book you do NOT have to follow me on Twitter. Nor must you follow this blog. I do not agree with those kinds of giveaways and would never set those kinds of conditions here.  This book was NOT given to me from the publisher nor did it come from the author.  I bought this book.  I am a member of several Signed First Editions Clubs and this is simply my extra copy of this book. 

This giveaway is free.

That said, today’s giveaway is a FIRST EDITION FIRST PRINTING SIGNED copy of A Partial History of Lost Causes by Jennifer duBois.  It is new and has never been read.  The book is in a protective mylar cover.  This is a collector’s item.

Since the novel is about chess, you must tell me in 100 words or less WHAT CAN CHESS TELL US ABOUT LIFE?  To answer, please reply to this post.

I will choose the winning response at 5 pm ET Monday, April 16.  The response that most wows me will win.

I will ship the book at my own expense using media mail.  Please put your email address somewhere in the reply so I can contact you for your mailing address.

To win this copy, please tell me in 100 words or less what can chess tell us about life?



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3 responses to “Bookmagnet’s First Book Giveaway!

  1. Kris T.

    I suppose, like any game, chess can teach us just about anything we want to learn. On the one hand, it could show us how to strategize and plan ahead or how patience and practice improve one’s skill. Then again, chess could also teach us all we need to know about brutal competiveness and winning at any cost. All too often, we learn the lessons we want to learn, not always the lessons we need to learn. Hopefully, with enough time, the right lessons will be learned. For most of us, it takes a lifetime to become a master.

  2. bookmagnet

    Kris T. congratulations! You have won a signed copy of Jennifer duBois’ debut novel “A Partial History of Lost Causes.” I will email you at the email address provided to get your mailing address. Hope you love the book!

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