Spotlight on The Green Shore

I am reading an ARC of Natalie Bakopoulos’ The Green Shore.  This novel is the first book this so-called “bookmagnet” ever won on Goodreads, and what a great novel to win!


Bakopoulos is the sister of Dean Bakopoulos, author of Please Don’t Come Back from the Moon.  Good writing, then, must run in the Bakopoulos family.

In The Green Shore, Natalie Bakopoulos takes on an event in 20th-century Greek history that was, quite honestly, Greek to me: the military dictatorship that began in 1967.  Bakopoulos writes about one family and its role as citizens and sometimes revolutionaries.  She shows what it means for a family when the personal becomes political and when the political becomes personal.  I love her use of symbolism with the red Easter eggs and how each family member takes an egg and bumps another’s egg with it.  They go around the table until only one egg is left intact.  Great foreshadowing.

Lush and stimulating, The Green Shore is one of those rare novels that transport you from your chaise lounge or armchair to the beauty and uncertainty of Greece.  Makes me want to eat some spanakopita!


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