Spotlight on Perfect is Overrated by Karen Bergreen

ImageHow do you spell funny?  K-A-R-E-N B-E-R-G-R-E-E-N! That’s Karen Bergreen, author of the slightly twisted but always hilarious new novel Perfect is Overrated.  

Bergreen is a former attorney and clerk for a federal judge.  Her readers are lucky she left all that behind to undertake a career as a stand-up comic.

She has appeared on Comedy Central, the Oxygen network, Court TV, and Law and Order.

Bergreen previously wrote Following Polly.

You can follow her on Twitter @KarenBergreen

The protagonist of Bergreen’s newest story, Kate Alger, a mom suffering from postpartum depression.  Before she gave birth to her daughter, Molly, Kate was an assistant DA. 

When someone starts killing all the snotty, pretentious, overzealous, alpha moms from Molly’s preschool, Kate finds reason to get up out of bed in the morning. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little murder…


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