Get Out The (Goodreads) Vote!

Have you voted yet?  No, not in THAT election, but in the 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards, of course!


Goodreads launched its fourth annual Goodreads Choice Awards on October 30.  There are fifteen nominees in twenty categories.

Categories are: Fiction, Mystery & Thriller, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, Memoir & Autobiography, History & Biography, Nonfiction, Food & Cookbooks, Humor, Graphic Novels & Comics, Poetry, Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction, Middle Grade & Children’s Books, Picture Books, and Goodreads Author.

You have three chances to vote:

Three rounds of voting will be open to all 12 million Goodreads members, and winners will be announced December 4th.

Opening Round: October 30 – November 11
Voting open to 15 official nominees and write-in votes.

Semifinal Round: November 12 – November 18
The top 5 write-in votes became official nominees, bringing the total to 20 books in each category. Additional write-ins no longer accepted.

Final Round: November 19 – November 27
The field narrows to the top 10 books in each category, and members have one last chance to vote!

You must be a member of Goodreads if you want to vote.  Why not sign up?  Membership is free.  You will have the opportunity to rate and review books, connect with your fellow readers, and meet your favorite authors.  You can even join a book club or two and enter for a chance to win free books.

Which books are eligible?

Instead of consulting publishing experts or a judging panel, Goodreads turns to readers to find the best books of the year. They analyze statistics from the 170 million books added, rated, and reviewed on the site in 2012 and nominate based on a book’s number of ratings and average rating.   It’s a great honor for a book to be nominated because it comes straight from readers!

Books published for the first time in the United States in English between November 29, 2011 and November 25, 2012 are eligible for the 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards. Books published in December 2012 will be eligible for the 2013 season.

Some of my favorite books this year are nominated.  Of course, I’m not surprised!

In the 2012 Goodreads Choice Awards, it does not matter if you are a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent.  Just as long as you’re a reader!  I voted, and I strongly urge you to go vote as well.

Remember: only those who vote can complain about the winner!

To vote, go here.


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