ELLE Announces 2012 Readers’ Prize GRAND PRIX: FICTION

The following is from ELLE MAGAZINE, December issue, page 232.

More than 1,000 copies comprising 36 different books sent out to 180 readers–this year kept us as busy as ever bringing you monthly the only democratically elected literary prize in magazines.  Our industrious jurors voted for their favorite in a monthly trio of new fiction or nonfiction releases, then weighed that winner against the five finalists selected by other juries throughout the year.  The envelope, please…


Liza Klaussmann, Tigers in Red Weather (Little, Brown)


Klaussmann toiled for The New York Times for years before turning to creative writing, but it was in her blood all along: She’s a great-great-great-granddaughter of Herman Melville.  Her debut novel–which readers selected over the latest by the likes of Lionel Shriver, Stewart O’Nan, and Anne Tyler–opens not in Nantucket but on Martha’s Vineyard, where, just after World War II, two women have holed up, with their children and their existential troubles, in the family summer home.

While Helena has married the debonair and deceptive Avery, her cousin Nick struggles to keep her dwindling marriage to Hughes together.  Only at Tiger House, where gin and whiskey are daily staples, can facade and denial flourish and endure.  When their children come across a gruesome discovery, it spells the beginning of the end for secrets and lies that have shrouded the family for too long.” –Ivy V. Pittman, Montclair, NJ

Klaussmann channels F. Scott Fitzgerald in her decades-spanning tale, which suspensefully and chillingly allows us to witness events as five different people see them, showing how much point of view matters in storytelling.” —Jaime Boler, Laurel, MS

Congratulations are definitely in order for Klaussmann!


I am thrilled my blurb made the print edition.



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8 responses to “ELLE Announces 2012 Readers’ Prize GRAND PRIX: FICTION

  1. Thank you, Karen! I am excited!

  2. laurie blum

    Honored to read Tigers in Red Weather for Elle 🙂

  3. Glad to know about this highly recommended book! Will add to my list…

  4. Congratulations – how fun! I loved this book!

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