Alex George’s novel “A Good American” is now available in paperback. You don’t want to miss this wonderful story.

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American Dreams

 A Good American by Alex George (Amy Einhorn Books; 387 pages; $25.95).


            What does it mean to be a good American?  Does such a concept exist or is it only a pipedream?  Who decides anyway?  And if you are an immigrant, how can you become a true American?  These are all questions Alex George poses in his novel A Good American.  At its heart, the book is a story of a family and their love for one another and for a place they call home.  George, though, takes it further, giving us a distinctly American tale of immigrants.  Their story is our story, too.


Love brings Frederick and Jette Meisenheimer to America.  In Hanover, Germany, in 1903, Frederick first serenades Jette in a garden.  Jette’s mother opposes the romance, to no avail.  Then, Jette becomes pregnant and steals her grandfather’s medal given to…

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