Reading Round-Up

I spent last week basking in the sun and playing in the waters of Perdido Key.  Though Gulf waters were slightly colder than normal, I was not deterred.

I spotted a school of about 20-30 stingrays, eight dolphins frolicking in the surf, and one very large (and very close to shore) shark.  Scuttlebutt said it was a Great Hammerhead, but I have my doubts; I saw the head and it was not a hammerhead.  Looked more like a blue shark or a nurse shark to me.

I also played both the Florida Lotto and the Powerball.  Alas, I was not a winner in either.  Better luck next time.

I did some extensive reading done, and that is the goal of this blog post–to share with you what I read.


Masterful and exquisite period piece set in the Great Depression.  This comes out in June.

a hundred summers

The perfect, propulsive summer read.  A Hundred Summers is like candy–once you start, you can’t stop!


Disappointing but better than The Lost Symbol.

5th wave

A YA novel adults will love.  Thought-provoking and highly intense, this page-turner will keep you up all night.

hour of the ratBrackmann’s clever, taut sequel to her bestseller Rock Paper Tiger.  

What I’m Reading:

kings and queens









southern cross the dog



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2 responses to “Reading Round-Up

  1. I’m so excited to read A HUNDRED SUMMERS. But no arc:(. I have Yonahlossee and will be reading and meeting author 6/14 mould love your help with interview!!!
    Nice to have you back!!

  2. Thanks, Anita! I’m so excited that you are meeting Anton and would be honored to help you in any way I can. A Hundred Summers is sooooo good and addictive. I tell you: I love your state so much I wish I lived there. LOL

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