Spotlight on A Marker to Measure Drift by Alexander Maksik

Coming July 30 from Alfred A. Knopf

markerA hypnotic, spellbinding novel set in Greece and Africa, where a young Liberian woman reckons with a haunted past.  

On a remote island in the Aegean, Jacqueline is living alone in a cave accessible only at low tide. With nothing to protect her from the elements, and with the fabric between herself and the world around her increasingly frayed, she is permeated by sensory experiences of remarkable intensity: the need for shade in the relentless heat of the sun-baked island; hunger and the occasional bliss of release from it; the exquisite pleasure of diving into the sea. The pressing physical realities of the moment provide a deeper relief: the euphoric obliteration of memory and, with it, the unspeakable violence she has seen and from which she has miraculously escaped.

Slowly, irrepressibly, images from a life before this violence begin to resurface: the view across lush gardens to a different sea; a gold Rolex glinting on her father’s wrist; a glass of gin in her mother’s best crystal; an adoring younger sister; a family, in the moment before their fortunes were irrevocably changed. Jacqueline must find the strength to contend with what she has survived or tip forward into full-blown madness.
Visceral and gripping, extraordinary in its depiction of physical and spiritual hungers, Alexander Maksik’s A Marker to Measure Drift is a novel about ruin and faith, barbarism and love, and the devastating memories that contain the power both to destroy us and to redeem us. 


Alexander Maksik is the author of the novels, You Deserve Nothing (Europa, 2011) and A Marker to Measure Drift (Knopf, 2013). A Alexander Maksik by Beowulf Sheehangraduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, his writing has appeared in Harper’s, Tin House, Harvard Review, The New York Times Magazine, Salon and Narrative Magazine, among others and has been translated into more than a dozen languages.

He lives in New York.


A Marker To Measure Drift will leave an indelible mark on its readers.  I can tell you it had a very profound effect on me.  With lucid, beautiful prose, A Marker To Measure Drift is deceiving, something you only fully realize as you tear through the very last of Maksik’s pages.  He will make you shudder and gasp aloud as you absorb the brutal reality of  Jacqueline’s past and her uncertain future.  Fans of Chris Cleave’s 2009 stunner Little Bee will surely appreciate Maksik’s equally striking and impressive narrative.

Don’t miss A Marker To Measure Drift!  Check back soon for a book review.



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2 responses to “Spotlight on A Marker to Measure Drift by Alexander Maksik

  1. This one intrigues me, Jaime!

  2. I actually liked it more than I liked Little Bee. It’s a very emotional, gut-wrenching read.

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