Review Requests: Guidelines

I do take review requests.  Here are the guidelines:

1.  If you send me your book for review, be aware that I reserve the option to decline a review.

2.  If I do not like your book, chances are good that I will not finish the book.

3.  If I do not finish your book, I will NOT review it.

4.  If your book is not historical fiction or literary fiction, please do not request a review.  I only read and review literary fiction and historical fiction.

5.  If your book is self-published, please do not request a review.  I do not review self-published books.

To  see a list of books I have previously reviewed, go here.  

If your book meets these guidelines, please contact me at  If I accept your review request, I am under no obligation to read and/or review your book.  Under no circumstances can you dictate what I say in my review.  You can have my complete, honest review of your book, made public, or nothing at all.  I am completely honest in all my reviews and I WILL NOT leave out any negative comments.

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